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To make an order of any of the below items then please email or telephone 01323 438527, with your order details, name and address details. We will then process the order, including your invoice with your product. Details for paying the order are included on the invoice.Please note that the office is staffed by part-time staff, and so if you call and get the answerphone, please leave your full order details as your message and we will process the next time the office is open.

Training Packs

(to enable church leaders to construct and lead half-day training seminars)
(Pack of notes available for £3.50 + £1 extra for Care Staff Notes)
½ Day Training Sessions for Church Teams: Offering information, ideas and resources for leading Christian worship in Care Homes.
½ Day Training Seminar on One to One Spiritual Care: Offering Christian understanding on loss, how to listen well and care for the dying.
½ Day Dementia Training: Understanding the types of dementia & how to communicate effectively, suitable material for worship services.
½ Day Presentation Skills Training: Improving skills in leading services, speaking/reading/praying aloud with a practical workshop.
½ Day Training Seminar for Care Staff: Offering support within a Christian framework for spiritual care of the elderly in the care home setting. 

Information Sheets sent for £1.50 incl. p&p

Fifty Services of Christian Worship Book for use in Care Homes (and elsewhere)
Price per copy £6.50, including postage.

50 Bible Studies for Care Homes Book
Price per copy £6.50, including postage.

"Living Light" readings from the Bible.
Copies are distributed FREE to 12 of our Eastbourne Homes. If other Eastbourne Homes would like copies, please contact the PARCHE office.

Compact Discs and DVDs

48 Favourite Hymns CDs
A new recording by Marilyn Baker of the musical accompaniment to 48 hymns (50 tunes) plus large print words on a 4th CD. Packaged in a convenient 4 CD pack.
Price per set £12.50 including postage.
20 Christmas Carols CDs
Containing the musical accompaniment to 20 Christmas Carols plus large print words on a 2nd CD. Packaged in a convenient 2 CD pack.
Price per set £6.50 including postage.
22 CSSM Choruses CDs
Containing musical and sung accompaniment to 22 well-known Sunday School Mission choruses plus large print words on a 2nd CD. Packaged in a convenient 2 CD pack.
Price per set £6.50 including postage.
Daily thoughts from the Bible CD
Price per CD £3.50 including postage.
The Church in Care Homes DVD
An overview of the work of PARCHE (27 minutes)

For all enquiries email:

PARCHE Office:
St Elisabeth's Church Centre
268 Victoria Drive
Eastbourne BN20 8QX
Tel: 01323 438527

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